Inter-Island Hawaiian Flights with Virgin Elevate Points


I recently posted about an incredibly easy way to earn free Virgin America Elevate points just by signing up for their loyalty program and getting even more free points by referring your friends. (Wanna be my friend? Here’s my referral link.)

Some of you may have wondered what good 3000 Elevate points would do you.

How does an inter-island hop with Hawaiian Airlines sound? Sometimes you want to see more than one Hawaiian island on your trip. Sometimes you can’t find a great fare to an island you want to visit, but you can find a deal to a neighbouring island and just wish there were an easy way to hop over. Well, there is!

Travel with Grant explains here how to get a great award flight using only 3000 Virgin America Elevate points. This is far less than other loyalty programs require for the same flight.

Not a bad return on investment, if I do say so myself!


Do you know a great use for Virgin America Elevate Points?

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