Origin Story


Once upon a time, deep inside the earth, in a cave in the Cradle of Humankind in South Africa, I was being guided through the tunnels along with a handful of other tourists by a personable man with the whitest teeth I had ever seen, when I noticed another, smaller tunnel off to the side that looked a little more interesting than where we were headed. I asked him what was down that way. He looked at me appraisingly and surmised (in a rich and deep African accent) “I can see you like de Ex-tra adventcha!”.

And, so began my knowledge of myself. I was put in the lead of a couple of us curious folks into the teeny-tiny tunnel to who knows where, in the blackest black of being unable to see my hand inches from my face. I put one hand over my head, and stretched the other out in front of me and set out into the unknown.

It became a metaphor. Now, whenever I can, I choose the extra adventure.

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