Cancelled by COVID: Day 5

Another morning of waking up in a different country than the morning before! This one starts early.

If you haven’t been following along on this trip that never was, click here to start catching up, otherwise, keep reading to hear what today entails.

We would probably have to skip breakfast and get ourselves on the road as early as possible. I’m not a fan of this kind of schedule, but sometimes it’s necessary. We have what Google optimistically envisions as a 6 hour drive ahead of us, and we need to be all checked in to our next accommodations well before sunset.

In our experience, the roads in Namibia range between highways of similar quality to ours in BC, to tracks with sand so deep it’s like driving in a foot of snow.

Namibian Road via Colin McCann

You even need to let a bit of air out of your tires to manage them effectively.


Reinflating the Tires

And every now and then, you come across the disheartening evidence of someone else’s failed journey.


Namibian Road

There’s also  very little in the way of facilities to stop at to refuel your vehicle or grab a bite, never mind relieve yourself. But it’s a beautiful, barren landscape, and we usually take the opportunity to annoy each other with our music playlists, or broaden our minds with interesting podcasts.

Hopefully, we’d make it to the border with South Africa and into the Kgalagadi National Park, where we would check into our 6-person chalet. More space than we need, but that’s what was available at the time of booking. Thankfully, it has a/c, a bathroom, a full kitchen, and electricity until bedtime.

The camp itself has a number of features to recommend it. There’s a fuel station, a small shop (also a farm market/cafe nearby), a small pool, and most exciting, a hide overlooking the waterhole!


Today would have been a long day of driving, interspersed with occasional wildlife sightings, like ostrich and maybe jackals, followed by a border crossing into South Africa and ending with a sundowner in the hide watching for our favourite animals.

Stay tuned, as tomorrow we set out into the park in search of animals!




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