Amazing Deals to Europe on Now!

Delft Canal.jpg


June 27 08:30

It looks like this possible error fare is even bigger than we first thought! Dates are ranging from September to April! New city combos are showing up every time I look. Try open-jaws. Try North African destinations! I can’t even list all the deals I’m seeing!

Also, you can get an extra $100 off to select cities if you book with FlightCentre by June 30th. (Thanks to Next Departure for that tip!)

Book quick because these deals likely won’t last. And, as always with prices that seem too good to be true, wait a few days after booking to make sure the fare will hold.




Now is a great time to book your trip to Europe for this autumn. There seems to be some major competition going on amongst the major carriers for flights in September and October. Continue reading